About Us

Our Brand

KangaCrew is for fun and joy. We make art, funny puns, funny pictures, dad jokes, and mostly Kangaroo-related humour. The feel of our apparel and gifts is absolute laughter and joy. We want to share that with you (and your Joeys too!) We sell all types of themed merchandise, including some for adults, some just for kids (or the young at heart), and something for everyone. We are a family of creatives and love to paint, make art, and make fun! Join our KangaCrew!

Our Story

One day, Mia Roo said “Kangaruno Mars” and there was nothing else to do as a mom but start a business around our silly musings. Here we are now!

Meet the Team

We are a family of 3 living on Kangaroo Island South Australia. We are a silly bunch and have included our real and undoctored photographs below of us in our natural habitat. Please take the time to learn about us, or send us a message to say hello. We’re always hopping to hear from you. (and we like puns, send them in)

Ikora Roo

Founder & CEO

Ikora is the mom of the bunch. Sort of. Not really. She is a mom, but as you can see doesn’t do much “mom-ing”. Hobbies include lying on the couch, eating salad, eating chips, gaming, and bad photoshop work. Sometimes Mia’s mom. She also does all the techie stuff.

Mia Roo

Creative Joey

Mia Roo is the creative mastermind behind many of the KangaCrew celebrity crew. It was Mia’s “Kangaruno Mars” idea that started this business. Mia is a part-time designer, an aspiring artist, student (sometimes) and a full-time fun-follower. She enjoys Minecraft, sugar, and that’s it. She loves fun and smiles lots!

Coco Roo


Seems to enjoy working. She like has a real job. It’s wild how much she enjoys working. She actually goes there… Then works for the WHOLE DAY. It’s something else. Then she comes home and makes us food! yay! She is also the creative genius behind much of the 18+ line.

Real Pics…

Ok, ok. Here are the real pictures of us. We look pretty much the same. I’m not sure how you didn’t get it from the above pictures but here it is anyway!